Trinity Healthcare was founded to alleviate the burdens for healthcare facilities in the management of cancer data and regulatory compliance.  In a short time, our company experienced substantial growth, and with this growth, I recognized the need for a brand that clearly defines who we are to our clients, potential clients, and community. 

In 2020, I had the opportunity to partner with a Business Advisor and friend, Charlotte Wasmer of Virtual Partner Advantage (VPA) to create a vision and brand that represents everything we believe.  We have expanded our vision and now it is time for us to tell our story!

It is my pleasure to introduce ALLEGIANT. 

Allegiant’s new name and logo provide clarity to our clients and community regarding our services.  We believe accurate and timely data is essential to better monitor and advance cancer treatments, research, and prevention. 

At Allegiant, we will continue our commitment to our clients of providing exceptional service by delivering accurate and timely cancer data, state regulatory compliance, and Commission on Cancer Accreditation management. We are here to support
healthcare administration and physicians, allowing them to focus on what is most important…their patients. 

Cancer data is crucial but understanding the story behind the data improves patient care and that is the heart of ALLEGIANT.   

Thank you for choosing Trinity Healthcare. We look forward to serving our clients going forward into the future as ALLEGIANT.
Jessica Despino, RHIA, CTR

Our Core Values


At Allegiant, high moral and ethical standards are at the center of our commitments to ourselves, our team, and our clients.  Take pride in being honest while providing respectful treatment.  Demonstrates a reputation of humility, alongside confidence that builds trust in every situation.  Use intuition and knowledge so upright, conscious decisions are made. 


During every interaction, open and honest communication will be demonstrated.  Strive to listen intently and ask thought-provoking questions to generate candid conversations.  Challenge ideas, processes and sets reasonable expectations to achieve the best possible outcome. Continuous attention to detail promotes a learning environment. 

Lifelong Learner

Continuous seeking of new information and ideas to further improve achieving the mission of Allegiant to provide accurate and timely data to improve patient care. Will demonstrate adaptability - an understanding that challenges will arise and having an optimistic mindset to be able to adjust to new conditions.  Intentionally and consistently surrounding our team with knowledgeable people and subject matter experts.


Take personal ownership and pride in their actions and will always put forth their best effort.  Has an entrepreneurial spirit that works diligently to continue to make progress recognizing the value of accuracy and timely work ethic. Will consistently deliver on promises. 


Frequently introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking.  Not always knowing the answer but willing to dedicate time to thoroughly research to provide value to the conversation.  See opportunities and trends and provides unique perspectives on situations.  Willing to lead as an early adapter to solve problems.  Confidence exudes conviction and inspires others.